Still To Do


Okay, so this should be a list that goes on and on forever because, as everyone knows, there are always things to do on any project car. So, this is just the short list of thing I have planned, with a little narrative about some of them. While they are numbered, they are not in any particular order. I'm using American terms instead of British, so where you see hood, think bonnet, and where you see top, think hood. Gets confusing, doesn't it. 

  1.  Louver the hood (bonnet). I discovered that 2024 T-3 aluminum is impossible to louver. It is so brittle that the metal rips before the louver can be shaped. This means making a new hood from a softer alloy, and then cutting the louvers. I'm going to see if I can get photos of Russ Meeks cutting the louvers in my hood - if he'll let me (insurance -- you know).
  2. Top (hood). I don't know if I'll ever get around to a full top, however I may do a little "bikini" top -- you know, a little piece that runs from the roll bar to the windshield.
  3. Side Curtains. Like the top, I'm not sure if I'll get around to this either. However, I may make some wind deflectors to keep the wind from buffeting my head so hard my eyeballs rattle.
  4. Engine. The little pinto runs good, but has some miles on it. I'd like to do a full blueprint, but it may just get a good freshening. The blueprint would be nice because gearing is so low that highway speeds keep the rpm pretty high, and it redlines around 100mph.
  5. Gearing. I'd like to swap the 4-speed for an overdrive 5-speed, or get taller gears for the differential. A new ring and pinion is probably the best solution because the car is so light I really don't even need first gear. If I went with a 5-speed, I still wouldn't need first.
  6. Seats. I could rework the seat mounts to get them about 1-1/2 inches lower. 
  7. Seat belts. I used 4-point (H pattern). I hate them. When you pull the shoulder straps tight, they pull the lap belt up where it is both uncomfortable and unsafe. I'll probably opt for a good 5-point system. I'll also move the mounting points when I rework the roll bar.