http://www.finishlinecoatings.com Finish Line Coatings is owned by Russ Meeks who is one of the pioneers of specialty car building. His shop located in Milwaukie, Oregon (a suburb of Portland), and he specializes in ceramic coatings. I've been to his shop, and seen his work. You won't find better craftsmanship anywhere - and he's a great guy to boot. He has several different kinds of coatings that range from flat black to a shiny chrome-like finish. If you want to reduce the under-hood temperature, contact Russ. If you search the web for "Russ Meeks" you'll find a ton of articles about him. He truly is an expert when it comes to custom cars (and other mechanical stuff).
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lotus_Seven This is a great site for info about Lotus Sevens and replicas. There are link to web pages for nearly every replica manufacturer in the world. This is a great place to go for research on this kind of vehicle.
http://www.clnw.org The web site for Club Lotus North West. This is a great web site that contains interesting articles about Lotus cars, club outings, great photos, and lots of links to other cool web sites.


The official Caterham web sites. Top one is UK the other is USA. 
Caterham took over rites to build the Seven after Lotus stopped production.


This is an awesome site. It is filled with photos and descriptions of virtually all phases of his build. This is Keith Tanner's site. Keith wrote a book titled; "How To Build a Cheep Sports Car."  The book centers around his build of a CMC kit, however it will be very valuable for anyone building a Locost either from scratch or from kit. Visit this site. If you are planning to build a Locost, buy his book.


This is Jim McSorley's web site. He is a builder who offers free frame plans for standard frames, as well as wider, taller, and longer frames. His plans may be downloaded from this web site, and are well documented, have accurate dimensions, and can be printed on letter-size paper.


A builder's web site with great photos and commentary.


Another builder's web site with great photos and commentary.
http://www.filtermag.com Makers of powerful magnets that conform to the shape of your oil filter. They are awesome for removing metallic particles from your oilhtt
http://agencybusys.com Insurance agency management software company owned and operated by the car owner.
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